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Make a great first impression!

Branding is really important for every business, proper branding can influence your customer's heart and mind, making them visit again and again. Branding is a key to marketing.
Branding gives life to a brand.
Branding comprises of object, service, character, idea, style, voice.
Along with consistency when it comes to branding every detail matters, to establish and maintain a successful brand. Fundamental of brand begins with logo, color, style, font, which leads to great customer connection.
At Seven web our team can help you achieve your goal.

Brand is something that associates with a level of credibility, quality & satisfaction in customers mind & heart..


Logo is not only about design it should also define your brand, it's the identity to your brand. Seven web will consider every aspect of your business and create a successful re-presentable logo, which will define your business.

Brand Naming

One of the most difficult part of branding is Naming, what name to keep, how will it sound, does it represents our brand? Is Domain available? There are heaps of questions arises while choosing a brand name, our team will look into your business and create a unique name for your brand, which will represent your brand.

Corporate Identity

It's more than just a logo. You need something that not only represents what is your business but something that relates with your target market and becomes an identity that is immediately recognized and trusted.

Brand Guidelines

At Seven web Brand Guidelines document not only sets down the rules for using your 'brand assets', including logos, colors and fonts, but also injects life into your brand, and it makes visual branding.

Brand Story

Every brand has a story, what to talk about, what to business, our clients what we are targeting, our experts will provide you solution to all your branding needs by writing a creative story for your brand.

Brand Positioning & Architecture

Structure that clarifies roles and relationships within a portfolio of is also known as relationship between brand architecture and business strategy. We at seven web Identify relevant brand positioning, Messaging and voice opportunities, Increase customer loyalty, Uncover new target audience groups.