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IT Support & Services

Get your computer FIXED!

Computer running slow, not booting, issue with virus, or let it be something beyond your knowledge. You dont have to worry we can get it fixed.
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Our clients thank us by saying -
"It's good to have you, a cost effective reliable neighborhood help".

Software Support

There are times when you need someone to fix your computer, weather its running slow, not booting up, or getting Virus errors. Maybe you need to reinstall the operating system and you don't know how to back-up your precious data, or maybe just don't know how to install a software. Do NOT worry Seven Web can get things done in really cost effective way, talk to us

Hardware Support & Repairs

Suddenly computer not booting, No Power or Accidently damaged the screen of your laptop, we can fix it all in no time. Our experts will dig into your computer issue and get it run as soon as possible.


It is complex when you know what is happening and don't know how and from where is that happening, leave it on to us and we will trouble shoot the problem for you.

Networks & Printer

If it is small office or home network, networking can sometimes be complex we can design, crimp the cable, lay the network and connect your printer as per your requirement.

IP Phone

Configuring IP Phones is not everyone's cup of tea. we don't want to mess such expensive device. Talk to us and let our experts guide you through the process.